Month: July 2004

We are family

Posted by – July 28, 2004

Isn’t the best part of the DNC the shots of the crowd celebrating between speeches? The offbeat clapping, goofy dancing and sloppy high fives. The silly hats, american flag suits, new years eve-esque glasses. The strange mix of race, age, gender, religion and sexual preference. All sorts of people who would’d normally have nothing to do with one another, but due to this special event, they’re bumping rumps and celebrating like “the crazy uncle” at your friend’s wedding.

The more I studied the crowd of the DNC, the more I wanted to relate it to the crowd of another event. Where else could you find such a diverse set of people acting so foolishly? I racked my brain, but simply couldn’t come up with any worthy comparisons. Then, as I flipped on the TV this morning, it hit me. The audience that most closely resembles the crowd of a large political event is the audience of The Price Is Right.



Posted by – July 26, 2004

Bill Clinton is a puppeteer and we dems are a bunch of muppets.


Posted by – July 20, 2004

Every single summer the local news covers wildfires in California. But why? Unless those fires are ripping through downtown LA, can’t those 30 seconds of prime time news be used to show me something a bit more pertinent to, um, BOSTON?!?! CA Wildfires are nothing new. They happen every summer. Some idiot doesn’t know how to start a campfire, or shoots at the wrong target or some bird flies into a power line and next thing you know, I’m getting nightly updates on how many hectares the fire is, how many houses were evacuated and how many acres have been burned to the ground.  It’s old, irrelevant and I just don’t care.