Month: January 2006

How almost ruined my xmas and marriage

Posted by – January 1, 2006

So, I ordered three bottles of bubble bath for Jonna from I placed the order three weeks before x-mas. Two of the bottles showed up in one package a week later. The third bottle was shipped separately.

We were traveling during the holidays, so we decided to exchange gifts before we left.  The third bottle hadn’t arrived yet, so when she opened the first two, I told her there was one more on the way.

The day before we left, a box from arrived.  I didn’t bother opening it, I just left it out for her.  When she got home, she opened it, gasped and called me an asshole.

Below is a picture of what they shipped.

Luckily the packing slip said “bubble bath” or else I’d have spent the holidays in the ER.

Hope your holidays were less frightening than mine.  Keep up the good work!