Month: June 2009

A different type of labor

Posted by – June 24, 2009

My last blog post was about the birth of my daughter. This one is about another nine month project, which resulted in the birth of another type of baby — a web application.

* brief pause to let every mom in the world scream at me for that awful comparison *

OK, so for the past nine months or so, I’ve been leading a web app project to help everyday people manage their environmental footprint. Think of it as a for people who want to reduce their impact on climate change. It’s a work-in-progress, but we wanted to release it as early as possible to get a solid feedback loop going. Check it out and let me know what you think.

The site allows even the most passive of environmentalists to track their habits, reduce their footprint, save money, and share their experiences in a VERY social environment. But the BEST part is that I have a unicorn badge in my profile. Maybe a unicorn badge isn’t worth nine months of blood, sweat, and tears to you, but to me, and the three others who earned this badge, it totally is. Right, guys? RIGHT?!

Finally, I have about 25 start-up themed draft posts collecting dust in this here blog. I’m going to start dusting them off and getting back into the habit of blogging regularly. Seriously. Probably. Well, maybe. And yes, I realize that “I’m going to be blogging more real soon” is the new “under construction” animated gif of the web.