My name is Adam Rubin.

I’m not the Adam Rubin who writes about the Mets for ESPN. Nor am the Adam Ruben who sends you emails from MoveOn.org. Nor am I the Adam Rubin who wrote about Those Darn Squirrels. I’m sure they’re all nice people though.

I’m the Adam Rubin who likes to build stuff for the web. I’ve worked at a number of startups, and have built consumer web applications to make public broadcasting more accessible, help fortune 500s leverage social media, make the Internet safer for kids, and empower grass roots organizations. I’ve held senior-executive leadership positions in many great companies, but I’m really just a creative engineer who likes to build good products.

I’ve programmed in perl, asp, java, python, and ruby. For the last few years, I’ve been enamored with rails and the ruby community as a whole.

I’m always on the lookout for new startups or interesting pet projects. Drop me a line at [my first name] @ richminds.com